Roll Cage Construction

Roll cages are one of the most crucial safety components in racing, and are something often mandated by both sanctioning bodies and race tracks to ensure the safety of the drivers racing there. At BP Autosports, we have both the equipment and knowledge to provide you with a tight-fitting, safe cage for your racing vehicle.

We build our cages by the books to ensure no difficulties in having your cage certified, as well as employing our exceptional welding and fabrication processes on all cages from mild to wild. This allows us to provide you with a safe, structurally sound roll cage that meets any given sanctioning body’s certification requirements.

For racers of all calibers, a roll cage is there to protect you, and it is worthwhile to invest in one built to the highest standard.


For roll cage inquiries, email Alex@bpautosports.net or Sean@bpautosports.net