ProEFI Pro 112 Computer


ProEFI Pro 112 Computer

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The Pro112 – These units are the most reliable ECU’s you will find at ANY price! The ProEFI ECU’s are the only aftermarket ecu’s that go through the riggors of environmental testing to validate it’s durability and use in offroad applications!


Processor: The Pro112 uses the industry leading superfast MPC5554 80mhz Processor

Injectors: 8 Saturated Injector Drivers (peak and hold injectors must use a resistor pack on this ECU)

Coils: 8

TPS: Yes – Adaptive

Coolant Temp: Yes

Air Temp: Yes

Map Sensor: Yes – Unlimited Range

MAF Sensor: Yes – Frequency and Voltage

Idle Control: Pulse Width and Stepper motor – Adaptive

Wideband O2: Uses CAN Based UEGO Control (External capable)

Cam: Yes – Hall/Digital Only VR Cam Sensors must use converter box Part #9033

Crank: Yes – Hall/VR capable

Variable Cam: Yes 4 cam capable

Knock Channels: 2 Programmable frequency and event with individual cylinder notification

Flex Fuel Capability: Add a Flex fuel sensor, and the computer automatically adjusts fuel, timing, and boost based on Ethanol content! Multiple Failsafes!

Nitrous Control: 4 stages multiple event trigger control range. V.E. based fueling****

Boost Control: Most comprehensive and easy to use Antilag on the market bar none! Change your target with no re-tuning, set targets below spring pressure…no problem! Multiple control strategies.***

Rolling AntiLag Control: Speed based capture (no preset rpm or speed…press it and go)

Rev Limiters: Multiple – Burnout, Stage, TwoStep, Rolling Antilag (True RPM capture at ANY Speed) All tied to separate boost targets!

Traction Control: Multiple control strategies, most advanced traction control system on the market.***

Launch Control: Comprehensive Launch Control Strategies to get the most powerful cars down the nastiest tracks!

Valet Modes: Two Stages – Tied to Fault management – Power Reduction, Speed limited etc.. No laptop connection required to active or deactivate, calibratable procedure

Drive Off Assist: Drive Off limiters to help with light rotating mass and grabby clutches

Fuel Pump Control: Yes, multiple staged pumps and pulse driven pumps*

Analog Inputs: 34* Fuel Pressure monitoring and feedback correction, Oil Pressure, Exhaust Backpressure Feedback and correction, and much more.

Low Side Outputs: 14 total – 4-7amp capable – 6-700ma capable, 2 1amp capable, 2 350ma capable, 1 100ma capable. 4 of these are PW capable (LS2, LS8, LS9, LS10)*

Tach: Yes – Software configurable

Digital Inputs: 3 channels (Not including Cam/Crank inputs)- Fully programmable pre configured

High Current Bridges: 2 channel sets – Used for Stepper motor control, or Electronic Throttle Control

Drive By Wire: Yes – Dual capable*

Fault Coding Safety: Yes**

MIL (CEL): Yes – Malfunction indicator with fault codes

Main Relay Control: Yes

5v Ref: 2 locations

Sensor Grounds: 2 locations

Key Switch Power: Yes

Permanent Power: Yes

Battery Backup: No – Not needed – Stored permanently!

Chassis Ground: 3 Locations

Can Channels: 3 Channels

RS485 Connection: Yes*****

Internal Memory: Limited to Fault logic

USB Direct Connection: No

Laptop Connection: USB

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