ProEFI Lightning Ignition Coil


ProEFI Lightning Ignition Coil

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These are the baddest ignition coils on the market. 

ProEFI’s Lightning coil is a smart coil with an output of 105 millijoules at 12volts! These coils have been used on 8 cylinder engines making over 3500hp! The coil kit comes with the coil, plug, and pins.

NEW! ProEFI has just released it’s H.O. Lightning Coil. This coil has an output of 210millijoules at 12volts!

We have  tested these coils in house to 50psi in our shop race car with zero spark blowout. They are the real deal, and work phenomenally under the harshest conditions.

Coil kits come with:

  • 1x ProEFI Lightning coil

  • Plug

  • Pins

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