Milspec Wiring Harnesses

BP Autosports has the tools, knowledge, and experience to construct fully-functioning, race ready wiring harnesses for your vehicle. All BP Autosports wiring harnesses are built from scratch, utilizing the highest quality components on the market today. Our harnesses are custom built on your vehicle, providing you with guaranteed functionality, ease of vehicle serviceability, and unparalleled longevity for your application.



Harnesses include:

  • Military-grade tefzel wire

  • Concentric twisting for maximum pliability and elimination of electromagnetic interference for unhindered sensor data

  • Milspec quick connect and/or Deutsch connectors for sealed, protected connections

  • Raychem DR-25 chemical resistant heat shrink

  • Proper gold plated, professionally crimped terminals

  • Zero soldering to avoid brittle, failure-prone connections

  • Proper glued Raychem boots to provide a sealed, extremely durable harness that will stand the test of time


For milspec wiring harness inquiries, please email Sean@bpautosports.net