B-Series Manifold and Turbosmart Wastegate Packages


B-Series Manifold and Turbosmart Wastegate Packages

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Pairing your BP Autosports, LLC. exhaust manifold to a good wastegate or wastegates is paramount to your vehicle performing at its highest level. We have now simplified this process for you with our manifold/wastegate packages! Our packages incorporate our world-renown exhaust manifolds with Turbosmart’s award-winning Gen V wastegates, providing you with a power-producing hot parts package of the highest quality at an incredible value!

Selecting your package is easy: simply choose your manifold from the drop down menu (complete with manifold description and part number), and let us do the rest for you!

Our manifold/wastegate packages include the following:

  • BP Autosports, LLC. exhaust manifold of your choice

  • Corresponding number of Gen V Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm wastegates to match your exhaust manifold

    • TS-0553-1012 wastegate(s), 14psi/black anodized spring/diaphragm housing

If another one of Turbosmart’s wastegate offerings better suits your needs, please contact us, and we would be happy to put a corresponding package together for you!

About Gen V Hypergate 45 Wastegates

The Gen-V WG45 Hyper-Gate45 external wastegate is a cost effective, high performing 45mm external wastegate. 

The Gen-V provides extensive user configurability, world leading extended thermal performance, fatigue resistance and best in class flow performance for optimum control and longevity. 

A direct fit upgrade to all 4th-generation Turbosmart wastegates and feature our unique collar-locking system, variable actuator cap and base, strap-type V-band clamps, liquid-cooling, 1/8″ NPT ports, and are provided with a range of springs. 

Available in Motorsport / Compressed Gas configurations
Product features summary: 
• Liquid cooling provision 
• Strap type V-band clamps 
• User adjustable actuator position 
• Modular actuator design Motorsport / Compressed Gas configurations available 

Included in the Box 
• Wastegate unit (pre-assembled with spring as per order) 
• SS316 Valve seat 
• Inlet V-Band 
• Inlet SS304 weld flange 
• Outlet V-Band 
• Outlet SS304 weld flange 
• Collar tool (master/slave) 
• 17/7 PH 3, 5, 7, 14 psi spring kit (1x spring installed) 
• 4x 1/8” NPT plugs (1x installed) / 2x 1/8” NPT nipples 
• Sticker 
• Instruction card 

All sales are final, and non-returnable without prior authorization. If a return is accepted, a 30% restocking fee will be assessed.

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